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Hi - my name is Daisy; I am a Coton de Tulear, and, I hope that I don't sound too snobbish, but my breed is known as "The Royal Dog of Madagascar".  We are not that well known in this country since we have only been here since the mid 1970's, but we are quite special indeed.

I live in Maryland Heights with my daddy, Mark, who is known as "St. Louis' Favorite Sinatra Singer" - huh? Now, that does sound snobbish, doesn't it?  But he is really good...  And, he has a new CD out where he sings my favorite songs!!!  What a guy! (That's him in the lower left corner)

Daddy did a remake on one of the songs on my CD, and I begged to go along. To make a long story short, he finally agreed, and even let me sing backup and do a solo!

We Cotons are playful, affectionate, and very intelligent . We become attached to people and as a result can have separation anxiety. We are a very vocal breed, grunting, barking and making all kinds of other noises when running through the house and having fun. We like to jump up and walk on our hind legs to please  and entertain people.  We enjoy socializing with other dogs, but, we do not like cats (there may be exceptions)!

See, here's the new CD


Here's some more pix of me, and that's my buddy, Sunnie in the middle.
He's some kind of African Parrot, sure makes a lot of noise.
Uncle Gary says he has a real foul (fowl?) mouth.  Oh well...
I always try to look my best, but, there are days...  you know?


Well, I cooked the bird, Sunnie was watching very nervously, and then I had a few (few?) bites and licks.  It was really good, but a bit later I puked all over the house...   Don't know, maybe I should have chewed it up more?

Here is a video of me and my cousin Sadie at Smelly Dog Grooming -
they had just finished trimming her up...
She is WAAAAAAAAAAY too hyper for me!

Come back to check on me often, we will be getting more things on the site soon.

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